Principal's Announcements

Dear Parents,

Yesterday, on the playyard, I saw a little first grader sitting and looking so sad. Before I could even get to him, two girls sat with him, put their arms around him and started talking to him. I asked what was going on, and one of the girls said, “He misses his mom but we will take care of him. He’ll be ok.” These moments just fill my heart, and I see them daily, over and over, with our Wildcats.

Your children are so kind.

We work on kindness here at Central, just as you do at home. This past month we participated in the Great Kindness Challenge. All students received lists to fill in of kind things to do. We also have several assemblies throughout the year on this. We had Tracy Bulldog Project, Kimball Jaguar Project and Mayor Rickman talk with our 3rd,4th, 5th graders about being kind, and anti-cyber bulling. We have a presentation this month called “Peace Signs” It focuses on anti-bullying strategies, empathy and solving conflict peacefully. Ask your students about how fun the assembly and songs were. We followed this up with kindness workshops in classrooms.

Each week teachers teach a lesson from Second Step on topics like empathy and kindness. We follow up with these lessons all week.

Every morning we read “Words of Wisdom”  to encourage kind, good behavior with inspiring quotes and messages.

We are excited that in May we will have an assembly and student workshops by author Lisa Caprell. Her books include “Eye See You Choosing Kindness” and “Being Happy”

Together we can raise our Wildcats to become kind, good adults.

Nancy Morgan Link